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Yoga Talks was founded in 2001 by Julie Carmen as a co-operative effort to offer educational perspectives for yoga professionals. We produce retreats, fundraisers and host panel discussions. Yoga Talks produces exciting indie media filmed by Braised Films.
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Julie Carmen, MA, LMFT, C-IAYT, ERYT-500 is a regular contributor to yoga books and magazines.

Featured Book:

"Yoga and

Properly practiced, yoga is extremely valuable for a person with eating disorders.

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Featured Book:

"I Am A Yogi"
My First Book
of Yoga

The practice of yoga is beneficial for people of all ages, including children!

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Read Julie's chapter excerpts from these two published books.

This material is adapted from my chapter in the book "Yoga and Eating Disorders" edited by Carolyn Costin and Joe Kelly. © 2016, Routledge.

"Eating Disorder Complexity and Yoga Professionals" Excerpt by Julie Carmen.
"Properly practiced, yoga is extremely valuable for a person with eating disorders. Nevertheless, the disorders' complexity presents yoga professionals with serious challenges. For example, many people with eating disorders also have a history of trauma. Even basic yoking (the practice of unifying body, breath, mind and spirit) can be difficult for people whose bodies have been violated or whose minds are full of unprocessed trauma memories." READ MORE >

"I AM A YOGI - My First Book of Yoga" Written and Illustrated by Anne Cox. Foreward by Julie Carmen

"The practice of yoga is beneficial for people of all ages, including children. In "I Am a Yogi - My First Book of Yoga", author Anne Cox presents a picture book designed to take children through the process of yoga, from rolling out the mat to the final Namaste. Through paper doll illustrations, this guide shows the sequencing of yoga and instructs children how to practice self-discipline. "I Am a Yogi - My First Book of Yoga" teaches proper breathing and actions to help them learn to move through the poses with confidence. Foreward by Julie Carmen. Includes word list for early readers! READ MORE >

From ORIGIN Magazine:
"An actress friend gave me the name of her psychoanalyst, who introduced me to the concept of a “through line to self,” which sounded like a blind fishing expedition. After ten years of guidance in interpreting the symbols in my dream journals while free-falling through the lives of characters in scripts, I landed on my feet. I discovered my passion for listening to other people’s stories, for empathizing with their dilemmas, and for sitting with them as they excavated their pasts."

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Origin Magazine

From LA Yoga Magazine:
"Profession and Practice: On Being a Hyphenated Yoga Teacher." I didn’t start out intending to have three careers, but one morphed into the next during my personal odyssey from acting to teaching yoga to working as a psychotherapist and yoga therapist in private practice. Looking around, I notice that I am surrounded by fellow hyphenates—yoga teachers who are pursuing more than one profession...

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LA Yoga Magazine

Mantra Magazine
"How would a middle aged Pitta Aries from NYC with four careers, a family, a mortgage, and college tuitions cross train? I work as a psychotherapist, yoga therapist, college teacher and actress. Sitting for more than 12 hours per week during talk therapy is not great for my back..."

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